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  • The difference between pert pipe and pexb pipe

    The difference between pert floor heating pipe and pexb pipe:
    1. Pert floor heating pipe is made of heat-resistant polyethylene, which is copolymerized with octene, butene, or hexene as the main material, and is a thermoplastic.
    The pexb floor heating pipe adopts an innovative second-generation silane cross-linking process and is produced using an advanced two-step process. After cross-linking treatment, it has a unique and stable three-dimensional network molecular structure and is a thermosetting plastic.
    2. Pert floor heating pipe has no bending memory, good low temperature brittle resistance, but not high temperature resistance.
    Pexb floor heating pipe has good low temperature toughness, high temperature resistance and good stress crack resistance.
    3. The pert floor heating pipe is a thermoplastic, which can be connected by hot-melt connection. If accidentally damaged, it can also be repaired by hot-melt connection of pipe fittings. It is better than PEX pipe in connection method. The construction is also more convenient, and the production process has fewer links. The product has good homogeneity, so the quality is stable and reliable, and it is used more in China.
    As a thermosetting plastic, pexb floor heating pipes cannot be connected by hot melt. The connection requirements are relatively high, and the requirements for the construction party are quite strict. At present, domestic technology is still lacking, and it is mainly popular abroad.
    4. Pert can be recycled and does not pollute the environment. But pexb cannot be recycled, which will cause secondary pollution.


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